Frequently Asked Questions About Temporary Housing Rentals


  •  Can your units be powered by a generator?

Yes, some units are appropriate for use with a generator; however it is critical to first communicate with an OnSite Temp Housing specialist prior to this type of use.

  • Is the unit ready to operate when it arrives? 

Yes, simply supply power to the unit and it is ready to run. The trailer must be leveled on site. 

  • Does OnSite Temp Housing connect the rental unit to my electrical service upon delivery?

In accordance with your local laws, OnSite Temp Housing does not provide electrical services and recommends the use of a licensed electrician to bring power to the rental unit. Please contact us for the power outlet box and receptacle configuration.  

  • Can I use an extension cord with a trailer unit?

Yes, but no longer than 35 feet and it must be a 50A 125/250v or 30A RV power cord specific to the trailer’s ampere requirement.  


  • Can I rent generators or additional power cords?

Yes, we have both Generator Sets and Park Power RV extension cords available.


  • Can your units be connected to sewage holding tanks?

Yes, all units contain internal holding tanks, generally fresh water 40-50gal, black 28-41gal & grey 28-41gal; however larger additional above or below ground holding tanks can be installed. If the site has a septic tank we are able to connect sewer hoses to it. Please let our specialist know if the outside temperature does get below freezing. It is critical to first communicate with an OnSite Temp Housing specialist prior to this type of use. 


  • Can the rental unit’s furnace run on LP and how do we fill fuel?

Yes, all units are equipped with two standard 30lb (10gal) liquid propane tanks located at the front of the trailer. Units can be refilled by any retail facility that dispenses LP or if you need additional tanks we can provide if you are in a remote area. If you need route service on a monthly basis we can assist in setting it up for you; please let an OnSite Temp Housing specialist know. 


  • Are the rental expenses tax deductible?

In most cases, as a true rental, all of your rental expenses are considered an operating expense and are 100% deductible (please contact your CPA for exact information).

  • Can I purchase the unit I am renting?

Yes, in some cases OnSite Temp Housing will allow the sale of a rental unit once the rental agreement has been fulfilled.

  • How does your cost compare to hotel/motel?

Our cost is very competitive and often less than the hotel/motel on a per employee/diem/day and trailers can be stationed closer to the site were work is being prepared.


  • Who sets the unit in place once it arrives to my location?

All deliveries include the service of a “RVDA” Certified Technician who will be setting the unit in place. The customer will be given a extensive walk-through on all operations as well as the technician’s contact information if further questions arise. QUESTIONS

  • Do you provide services to small events or even private use?

Yes, OnSite Temp Housing is equipped to handle rentals for the smallest weekend gathering to the largest events. Rental periods range from 5 days to 24 months.

  • How does your unit differ from a mobile home?

Our travel trailer/park models are directly on the ground and do not require permits for placement or transportation, a mobile home is only 1-2 feet wider than the park model, and our unites do not require anchoring to the ground or a cement foundation.

  • Why is it easier to use an OnSite Temp Housing unit than to rent a mobile home?

Our units are easier to set in place, you do not have to climb underneath them, and they were designed for rental applications. A mobile home was designed for permanent site use so the installation and removal of a mobile home is significantly more expensive than our solution. 

  • I can rent a 40 foot mobile home. Why should I consider renting a OnSite Temp Housing Park Model Trailer instead?

A 40 foot mobile home weights 25,000+ lbs. and must be set in place on a perfectly flat, level surface with additional heavy equipment. Our unit’s unloaded weight is 8,770 lbs. and can be placed on almost any type of surface and uneven terrain; without the use of heavy equipment.

  • How does OnSite Temp Housing differ from all the other rental companies?

OnSite Temp Housing is the only RV rental company that rents Park Model Trailer units exclusively.  Also, we are a family owned company, we advise in the manufacture of our products, and you will never have to deal with a third party or someone not employed by us.

  • What are my options for operating temperatures?

We have options available to winterize the trailers along with air conditioning units in the trailers. Please speak with an On-Site specialist for specific details.  

  • Are OnSite Temp Housing units only for temporary rental use?

Our units are generally rented for temporary needs; which we define as anything less than  2-years.  However, in certain instances, we do offer programs that make units available for longer time periods.


  • Are there any restrictions on the trailers?

Yes, we ask that you do not smoke or store game & fish in the units. It is important to communicate your usage intentions with your OnSite Temp Housing Specialist. 


  • How do you handle repairs if I have a problem with my rental unit?

In the unlikely event a service call is required; we have partnered with a national roadside assistance company – Coach-Net for 24/7 technical support on hand to answer or assist in any questions or problems you might have. We are a family owned company that takes great pride in customer service and our reputation. AND AVAILABILITY

  • What sizes are your Temporary Housing trailers?

Small Trailer- 18’ is 21’ length
Medium Trailer- 29’ to 33’ x 97”w x 11’6”h
Large & Luxury Park Models are 40’11”l x 97”w x 12’10”h

  • What floor plans to you offer?

We have several different floor plans ranging from queen back bedroom, middle room with bunk & sofa bed, queen front and back bedrooms (ask specialist for floor plan options).

  • How quickly can I get a unit?

Units can be delivered within 48-72 hours depending on unit availability at depot location and delivery schedule availability.

  •  How many units are available?

We have the largest fleet of travel trailers & park models in the U.S. and the number grows on a weekly basis.