Temporary Kitchen Trailer Rentals – Modular Kitchens For Rent

 Temporary Kitchen Trailer Rentals - Modular Kitchens For Rent

OnSite Emergency Mobile Kitchens has a fleet of highly functional and specialized trailers available for rent. All of these trailers come with flexible rental plans and can be modified if the rental term is significant. 

OnSite Emergency Mobile Kitchens’ rental inventory includes modular kitchens, dishwashing and preparation trailers with multiple configurations and sizes to meet your specific needs. Portable modular kitchens offer businesses, construction sites, universities and hospitals a cost-effective solution for any long term or short term cooking and preparation needs; we are also available for natural disaster relief. Call us at 1.855.667.4830 to reserve your mobile kitchen rental now!


Kitchen Trailers

Kitchen Trailer

This trailer contains a six burner range, a griddle and two frying stations in the cook-line. The remaining portion of the trailer has a reach-in refrigerator, stainless steel cabinets, a three compartment sink and a hand sink. There are two serving windows for maximum efficiency and daylight. 

This kitchen trailer boasts an impressive collection of cooking appliances for versatile menus. The cook-line is across from the work tables and steam tables which have serving windows for delivering meals to large groups of people. This can be a stand-alone trailer or it can be combined with a dishwasher trailer for complete functionality.

We have kitchen trailers available 18 feet up to 53 feet.



Dishwashing Trailers

Dishwashing Trailer

This trailer This trailer is 40 feet in length with a three compartment sink, water heaters, storage tanks and 24 feet of built in storage racks. There is ample room for additional equipment to fit your individual needs. 



Food Preparation Trailers

Food Preparation Trailer

This trailer contains a 72 foot walk-in-cooler, two overs, large three compartment sink, 23 feet of three tiered shelves, 23 feet of work tables, preparation sink, hand sink and mop sink. This example could be modified for commercial dishwasher if needed. The walls and ceiling are stainless steel and the floor is diamond plate.