We have emergency temporary housing available immediately for the families affected by the fires in California.
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OnSite Temp Housing
is a leading provider in the United States for temporary housing rental from construction site and construction office rentals to natural disaster housing and portable homes. We work with businesses, agencies and individuals to provide the best in travel trailer and destination model rentals. Our trailers bring the comforts of home in every short and long term leasing and housing situation. We have the market and industry experience to deliver superior quality and service; we know what counts! We are a top pick for insurance companies when needing fire and flood displacement housing for their valued community customers. Construction, transportation & large infrastructure projects turn to OnSite Temp Housing when their workforce needs easy access to the job site with quality, convenient, “at home” housing. Events and Production Studios look to OnSite Temp Housing for accommodations for staff as well as talent, emergency personnel, and VIPs. We bring immediate solutions with our Rapid Response Team in natural disaster situations. Placement services & temporary housing agencies know OnSite Temp Housing as an extension of their team. State, federal and local government agencies utilize OnSite Temp Housing as a top vendor of choice based on reliability and convenience for portable homes and portable job site trailers. We know quality matters and all of our travel trailers, mobile on site offices and park models are groomed to your specifications.

We now offer mobile kitchen trailer rentals. These modular kitchens are perfect for businesses, construction sites, universities & hospitals during renovation periods. They are a cost-efficient way to continue meal preparations. OnSite Temp Housing can even work with natural disaster situations. We have a variety of highly functional and specialized kitchen trailers.

We provide on site temporary housing from our locations throughout the continental United States.